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Our round base in Ligurian slate will be able to adapt to your every need, highlighting your dishes, becoming a design object that you cannot do without. It can take on different functions, from its classic use to a simple minimal design object. It is up to you to decide the most suitable place and use, your choice is the one that matters.

Conceived and created in our workshops in all its smallest details , its dimensions are suitable for any type of furniture or mise en place, one of a kind.

Each product will have the brand of our collection ( SB marble Creations ) engraved, to make it unique in the world and above all ORIGINAL made in Italy. In addition to this, remember that the photos you will see will be purely indicative as each single piece of marble is unique, it differs in color, veins and shades.

Both sides of our base have an opaque surface, very pleasant to the touch, also thanks to the treatment to which it is subjected which allows it to protect and limit the absorption of any stains released by food.

TIBERIO - Round base in Ligurian Slate

SKU: 027
  • Also remember that marble is a material that needs some precautions . For example, it is not recommended to leave acidic foods on the surface for long periods of time such as wine, coffee, lemon, etc. In addition to this, we do not recommend the prolonged use of blades on the surface, to avoid deep and irreversible scratches.

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