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What can we accomplish?

A fundamental element of Lazzari Isaia's philosophy is that every space, regardless of shape and size, has the potential to become beautiful. Contact us to find out what we can bring to your project.

Cucina con Marble Island
Lavandini in bagno
Misure del pavimento


Elegance and modernity

Thanks to sophisticated machinery and the use of technologies such as waterjet cutting, we are able to create custom-made kitchen tops, in dozens of colors and materials.
Send us your project or let yourself be supported by our experts.


Chic and sophisticated

We have the possibility to create bathroom tops, customized washbasins and much more.
Let our technical department advise you or request a quote from our sales department immediately by sending your project. You will receive the best offer within 24 hours.


Design and Innovation

In our workshops we also create stairs, window sills, thresholds, internal and external cladding, flooring and funerary.

Thanks to the help of our technical office it is possible to request the measurements and CAD drawing of your projects.

Finally, Lazzari Isaia is constantly researching, with a look at the green and innovations, such as insulated window sills and much more.

Are you looking forward to taking the next step? Contact Lazzari Isaia immediately.

Lavorazione di pietre naturali e compositi

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